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Django Mailchimp AMP embedded subscription form

Django app for easy embedding of the Mailchimp subscription form to AMP pages.

Quick start

  1. Install django-mailchimp-amp:

    pip install django-mailchimp-amp

    or from sources

    pip install git+
  2. Add django-mailchimp-amp to INSTALLED_APPS in your Django Also make sure you add your MailChimp api key, username and listids

    MAILCHIMP_API = 'yourmailchimpapikey'
    MAILCHIMP_USERNAME = 'yourmailchimp@mail'
    MAILCHIMP_LISTID = 'mailchimplistid'
  3. Add django-mailchimp-amp to urlpatterns in your project

    urlpatterns = [
        path('mailchimp/', include('django-mailchimp-amp.urls')),
  4. Add template tags to your templates where you want subscription form to be presented:

        <!-- if you did not include amp-form and amp-mustache for anything else -->
        {% include "django-mailchimp-amp/scripts_form.html" %}
        <style amp-custom>
        /* Include default form style template */
                    {% include "django-mailchimp-amp/style_form.css" %}
        <!-- Include the subscription form where pre_subscribe_text appears above/before the subscription form -->
            {% include "django-mailchimp-amp/subscribe_form.html" with mailchimp_pre_subscribe_text="If you want to receive our awesome stuff you can subscribe to our newsletter:" %}


Any contribution is welcome as well as reporting issues/bugs or requesting features. Do not be shy and open a pull request and I will do my best to help you include your contribution into the repository. Keep in mind that reporting a bug or requesting a feature is also considered as contribution, even if you do not have development skills to implement it.

Development setup

To run tests and checks we use tox.

# to install tox
pip3 install tox

# to run tests